· Why is this an English-only site?
I do have plans to localize this into various languages in the near future. If you are interesting in helping with translation please drop me a note at the IDNSearch blog.

· Why another social bookmarking site?
I think there is tremendous value in a central directory of IDN’s and IDN’s only. One of the requirements of IDNSearch is to hide the ugly xn-- from the user as much as possible because it was never designed to be shown to end users.

· Can I submit third level IDN’s?
Yes, you can have an IDN label at any level! The only requirements are that it has to resolve and the name itself cannot profanity and the content of the site must not be pornographic in nature. Yes, the profanity and adult content clauses are intentionally vague so the final discretion rests with me ;-P

· Can I submit IDN’s at the TLD?
You can if it’s been put into the root zone file. I mean the de-facto one.