About IDNSearch

IDNSearch exists to raise the general public's awareness of Internationalized Domain Names and to promote its use by providing a central directory of IDN’s already in use today. We have built social features like commenting, voting, tagging along with search and syndication to encourage active interaction - enjoy!


The world of IDN’s is a fascinating one. Many people don’t realize how empowering it is to non-English speaking cultures and remain oblivious to the revolution that is underway. IDNSearch will help users discover how it is being used all over the world. It’s a domain name like any other, but in your native language!

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Own an IDN or know of one? Share it with us and we will share it with the world!


Users are encouraged to cast votes on the domains based on their opinion. Voting is done by clicking on the + and - buttons, and each user can submit a positive or negative vote once for each domain.

There are myriads of reasons for casting votes - it’s your voice so it’s all up to you. Here are some guidelines that you may want to take into consideration while voting:


When submitting an IDN, you have the ability to associate the domain with any number of tags. Tags are (often short) labels that categorizes or describes the IDN and you simply make them up.
When the IDN is listed, the associated tags are also displayed and clicking on a tag brings you to the list of IDNs that are similarly tagged.

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IDNSearch is created by William Tan. I will post IDNSearch news on this blog.
I can be reached via my i-name contact page: =wil/(+contact) . Alternatively, leave a comment on one of the IDNSearch blog posts.